You can save a lot with solar.
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It’s Fast, Easy and FREE! WA Homeowners can get Government STC Rebate up to $7000 and can save up to $4000 annually on power bill.

Advantages Of Going Solar

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It is universally acknowledged that having your own solar panels in sunburnt Australia will make your power bill cheaper in these tough economic times. With the latest Federal Government Solar Rebates, you can now get solar panels installed that off-set(if not fully covered) from the savings in your electricity bills. It's an absolute no brainer.

Solar Energy

Energy Matters is an award-winning, Australian owned and operated company. We have helped over 30,000 Aussies organise solar for their home. You can trust us.


By going solar, you can immediately begin reducing your dependence on the grid and go GREENER for the PLANET, thus reducing your current electricity bill significantly.

Greener Future

Based on the 30-second quiz, we will help you choose the right panels, batteries, and inverters to go with for your unique situation. We will help you save money and transition to a renewable and sustainable greener future for our children.

Solar Rebate - Ending in 2030

The rebate paid by the Australian government will slowly be phased out and will end completely in 2030.
Below shows the rebate given on a 5kW over the next 10 years

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